Why You Should Invest In The Rolex Cellini

We personally believe that the Rolex Cellini is the most underrated Rolex of all time. Of course, Rolex watches are the most recognised, high-profile, luxury watches available on the market and with any big brand, you get some ranges that receive more attention. Unfortunately, the Rolex Cellini lives in the shadow of ranges such as the Date Date. Yet, we believe that this range is one that ladies would love if they knew more about it. Let us inform you of the reasons why if you’re purchasing a Rolex, then a Cellini should be top of your list. 

The Rolex Cellini 

The Cellini line was created by the Rolex Director, Rene-Paul Jeanneret in celebration of Renaissance sculptor and goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini back in 1928. The inspiration for the Rolex Cellini range came from traditional watchmaking practices, along with aspects of modern technology and aesthetics. 

The different Rolex Cellini models 

The very first model, the Prince, was designed in a rectangular case fitting in perfectly with the style of the 1920s. This model was only discontinued when Rolex decided to create a classic alternative to their incredibly popular sporty Rolex Oyster collection. Rolex then launched a number of other models including the Cellini Danaos, Cellini Cestello and the Cellini Quartz which are all also no longer manufactured by the watch brand. 

We believe that the Rolex Cellini really came into its own when it revived the rectangular Prince in 2005. It was loved for its elegance of traditional timepieces and the unique transparent case back, which allowed the wearer to see the inside of the ornately crafted watch. In 2014, Rolex once again expanded the Cellini collection by adding three new models; the Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. More recently, Rolex also introduced the Cellini Moonphase in 2017, which was the first Rolex with a moon phase since the 1950s and soon brought attention back to this classic collection. 

Why choose a Rolex Cellini? 

Modern elegance 

Anyone who views the Rolex Cellini can see its beauty. The whole range perfectly represents the Rolex style. They are exclusively made out of white gold or Everose and each model is the traditional rounded shape with a diameter of 39 mm. Not only has attention been made to the function of this watch, but the detail and minimalistic style has also been greatly thought about. 


Many people used to view the Rolec Cellini as a ‘dress watch’ and it would only be worn on special occasions, which often puts women off of the range. In 2017 President Obama was spotted wearing his Cellini at a tennis match with Prince Harry, proving that it in fact wasn’t just a dress watch. It is also the watch that was featured in his official Presidential portrait, showcasing the sheer versatility the Cellini truly has. If it is good enough for Obama’s high standards of perfection then it is good enough for us. 


The majority of well-known Rolex watches have a metal strap, which isn’t always favoured by female wearers. However, in the purest traditional style, the Cellini watches are available only with black or brown remborded and stitched leather strap making them comfortable to wear all day. With an 18 karat gold buckle matching the gold of the case, you don’t lose style when choosing comfort. 

Purchasing your Rolex Cellini

Of course, choosing your perfect Rolex Cellini model may take time and we do advise that you view your options in person and seek advice from an expert who will be able to answer all of your questions. Our team at Bonds Of Brentwood will gladly assist you. Whether you choose a new or a preowned ladies Rolex watch, when you choose a Cellini with its uncommon design and sophisticated appearance, we can guarantee that this watch suits any wrist, especially a female wrist. 

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