Which Rolex Should You Buy Your Partner As A Wedding Gift?

It is quite common for fiancée to give their husband-to-be a gift on the morning of their wedding. This is usually a personal gift and often is something that they can wear on their wedding day. Some even say it is meant to be a similar price to the engagement ring and for this reason, lots of people choose to gift a watch to their loved one. 

Of course, when gifting a watch there is one brand that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Rolex. Investing in a timepiece from Rolex is guaranteed to be a memorable gift and one that your husband-to-be will love forever. When it comes to choosing which Rolex to gift, you can easily feel spoilt for choice. With so many timeless options to pick from, it isn’t an easy decision to make. To help any fiances narrow down their choices, Bonds Of Brentwood have listed some of the most popular choices. 

For the traditionalist 

If your partner loves classic items then the Daytona is the watch for them. This Rolex is a combination of traditional and sleek designs. The fact that this watch is a chronograph, it is used as a stopwatch as well as a display watch, means that its face is beautifully made up of numerous clocks.

The new Rolex Daytona’s architecture uses advanced technology and incorporates far fewer components than a standard chronograph watch, this enhances the movement’s reliability. This watch is the perfect match for any traditionalists. 

For the adventurer

There is no question about it, if your partner is thrill-seeker then the Submariner is the best watch to get them. Rolex specifically designed this watch to be a diver’s watch and since its launch, it has become easily one of the most iconic watches ever produced. It is also one of the most versatile watches in the sport range.

The Submariner is recognisable for its Cerachrom bezel insert which is manufactured from a hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic that is virtually scratchproof. The luminescent capsules also ensure that the time can always be seen too, so it is ideal for all adventurers. 

For the fashionista

If your partner is style-conscious then the Datejust has the edge on other Rolex watches. The timeless uncluttered aesthetic of this watch ensures that it ages beautifully and makes it the perfect dress watch. It is also available in numerous different configurations of dial, metal, case size and finish so, there is something to suit everyone’s unique taste.

The Datejusts features the Cyclops lens which magnifies the date on the display for easy reading. This is one of the most distinctive Rolex features and one of the most recognisable, so it is ideal for anyone in the know about designer items. 

For the traveller

If your partner works away a lot then the Sky-Dweller is a beautiful watch to get them. Not only does it look like a classic Rolex, but it simultaneously displays two different time zones. Once married your husband, you will be able to always know what time it is at home whenever he is away without having to mess around with his watch. 

The Sky-Sweller is one of the most complex calibres ever developed by Rolex, its architecture, manufacturing quality and innovative features make it both precise and reliable. It is the perfect wedding gift for anyone who travels a lot. 

Investing in a Rolex watch 

Deciding on the Rolex that best suits your partner can be a really hard decision, especially because they are all so beautiful. No one knows your husband-to-be like you, take into account their personality and use the guide above to help you make the best choice. We can guarantee that no matter which Rolex you go for, they will cherish it forever. 

Whether you’re browsing new Rolex watches for men or you think you’d rather buy a vintage Rolex watch, visit the Bonds Of Brentwood website. We have a huge range for you to view from new Rolex Datejusts to pre-loved Rolex Submariners. If you have any questions at all about Rolex watches then please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team who will gladly assist you further. 

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