What To Consider When Purchasing Your First Rolex Watch

The acquisition of your first smart-and-sophisticated timepiece is always a major step in your life. You want to ensure that you make the right choice, as it is something which will accompany you for many years to come. With Rolex watches, the decisions ramifications are amplified even more. Here at Bonds Of Brentwood, we want you to have the tools and knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

New Or Vintage?

This is one of the first factors which you must take into consideration, and one that can be answered, for the most part, by looking at your personality. If you are someone who is fully-embracing of the advances that have been made in the twenty first century, and believes that they belong in the digital era, a newer model is the one for you. Should you be entrenched in the past, both in style and in character, you need look no further than a vintage model.

What Size Is Right?

This may be considered as advice that falls into the category of common sense, but it is something which is often overlooked. No person is the same – this refers not only to stylistic preferences, but also actual sizing. For anyone that has a slimmer build, it is recommended that you have a smaller watchface; conversely, for those who have slightly larger wrists, we would advise a model which is bigger in size.

What Occasion Is It For?

Are you wanting to wear this watch on a daily basis, or is this an accessory which will only be broken out on special occasions? These are the questions that you must ask yourself when browsing through extravagant watches. When making an investment such as this, it is vital that you envisage the settings in which the timepiece will be worn.

Bonds Of Brentwood

Here at Bonds Of Brentwood, we have sought to establish a solid connection with our audience. As a premium jewellers in Essex, we believe that we have a duty to be able to cater to various requirements and preferences. Therefore, we ensure that our stock is diverse, to match the demographics of clientele that we have.

In the modern era, for a company to be considered successful, it needs to be more than simply a provider of a quality product or service. You also need to ensure that your customers are left smiling and satisfied by their experience. We have amassed a team of first-class representatives within our customer service department, all of whom are dedicated to responding to incoming queries in a courteous manner.

From our foundation, we have endeavoured to make getting in touch with us convenient and hassle-free. For this reason, there are a number of channels through which we can be contacted. Should you wish to converse with one of our operatives, you can give them a call on 01277 229061. Alternatively, you can either send us an email directly to sales@bondswatches.co.uk, or complete and submit the enquiry form situated on our website’s contact page


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