What Makes The Rolex Submariner So Popular?

Everyone has different tastes and styles but there is something about the Rolex Submariner that is loved by people of all ages worldwide. Since its launch back in 1954, this particular watch has become easily one of the most iconic Rolex watches ever produced. You will find it worn by characters such as James Bond in old school movies and celebrities such as Slash as he entertains crowds. It has not only survived but thrived through irrespective of trends or era. But, what is it that people love about this particular watch?

Classic design 

If you were asked to picture a classic wristwatch, we can almost guarantee that the image in your head will be similar to the Rolex Submariner. For any design to be considered a classic, it has to tick several boxes, it has to have a simple and timeless aesthetic but above all else; it has to work and keep on working. This is something you never have to worry about with Rolex, as not only do their products look incredible but their build quality is unmatched and their watches are some of the most reliable mechanical timepieces ever created.


The majority of the time watches are simply made to look good and tell the time, but Rolex took this one step further. Most people are happy if their watch is water-resistant or splash-proof but it was never thought that you would be able to swim, let alone dive in a watch. Rolex’s director at the time, Rene-Paul Jeanneret, was a keen amateur diver and the Rolex Submariner was designed as the definitive diver’s watch. 

From 1954 until the 1970s, this particular watch grew in popularity, mostly due to the fact that it was an extremely well-made tool watch. Since this time, it has been developed even more and the water resistance rating has increased to 300m, the in-house movement now also comes with Rolex’s blue Parachrom hairspring, which enables it to be more resistant to shocks and temperature fluctuations.


We understand how difficult it can be to find something that isn’t just practical but also looks amazing. With the majority of other accessories and clothing, there are numerous items that are chosen for their specific qualities. However, when you invest in something like a watch you ideally want to be able to wear it with every outfit for every occasion. 

This isn’t something you can usually get with the functions that the Rolex Submariner offers, but if there was ever a watch that could be described as ‘go anywhere, do anything’ it is this one. The incredible designers at Rolex have somehow managed to create the perfect watch that is both sporty enough to match with jeans and t-shirt and classy enough to look perfectly at home under a tuxedo sleeve.


Rolex is known as a luxury watch brand and people understand that it isn’t the cheapest choice on the market. However, when the Submariner was first released, its price tag was relatively affordable and approximately the same as a two weeks salary for the average man. Of course, over time the price has increased along with its popularity. However, this also makes them an incredible investment. 

Given the appropriate level of care and maintenance, there’s every guarantee that a Submariner today will be worth more in a few years’ time. This is not even considering vintage, established models that tend to go for tens of thousands in auctions. When compared to other Rolex watches, and also different brands that offer the same technology that this watch does, you will find that it is actually incredibly good value. 


It really is easy to see why the Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular Rolex watches available on the market. If you had been considering purchasing one, we are sure that you will want to even more now. 

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