Rose, White Or Yellow Gold; Which Is The Perfect Colour For You?

One of the first things to think about when you purchase a new piece of jewellery is the colour of the gold it is made from. Whether you’re looking for a new ladies watch, a necklace or a ring, the colour of the metal can make such a huge difference to the overall look of the item. 

This decision is incredibly personal and often, people have a preference without really knowing why. If you’re looking at investing in a new piece of jewellery and would like to explore the different options available, keep reading today to find out more about rose, white and yellow gold. 

Rose gold 

Rose gold is quickly becoming the most popular choice for a lot of women’s jewellery. This colour works well in all kinds of jewellery and is often associated with being soft and romantic. Surprisingly to some, rose gold is actually a really strong metal due to the fact that it is made with copper which is known for being sturdy. 

One of the only downsides of rose gold is that copper can sometimes cause people to have an allergic reaction and it isn’t considered to be a hypo-allergenic metal like others we are looking at today. If you know that you have very sensitive skin then this may not be the best choice for your jewellery.  

White gold 

White gold is usually chosen by women who love the look of platinum but want to spend a little bit less. This particular colour is known for being sophisticated and it has an incredibly modern minimalistic look to it. White gold often contains some nickel, which provides the strength needed for it to be a durable piece of jewellery. 

Similarly to rose gold, allergies can cause problems with white gold, if you have a nickel allergy you will need to choose jewellery made with a nickel-free alloy. Cleaning and polishing is also essential with white gold and your jewellery may need to be dipped every few years in order to retain lustre and colour.

Yellow gold 

Yellow gold is probably the most traditional choice out of the three and it has been favoured by women for many years. This colour often symbolises wealth and it is often chosen these days by women wanting a more traditional-style to their jewellery. Yellow gold is known for being easy for jewellers to manipulate, so it is great if you’re wanting something resized.

The one thing to bear in mind with yellow gold is that the higher the actual gold content the less durable the piece of jewellery is. So, if you purchase a high karat amount, it can be easily scratched and dented. Yellow gold will also need to be cleaned and polished regularly like white gold to keep it looking its best. 

Choosing the perfect colour for you 

When deciding which colour of gold would be best for you one of the biggest things to take into consideration is your skin colour. For example, rose gold stands out beautifully against pale skin tones, whereas yellow gold contrasts elegantly with olive and darker skin tones. 

You should also think about how frequently you will be wearing the jewellery and consider the gold’s durability. Lastly, price will play a part in your decision too. All of the coloured gold will vary in price depending on gold content and you may find that the actual colour differs slightly with price too, so ensure you view the jewellery in person before you purchase it. 

Investing in a new piece of jewellery 

Now you can work out which colour of gold you would be best for you, finding a jeweller you can trust to purchase from is the next step. If you’re searching for jewellers in Essex, look no further, Bonds of Brentwood can assist you. They have a huge range of watches and jewellery for sale from wedding rings to diamond bracelets so, you can trust that you can get everything you’re looking for all in one place. As experienced Essex jewellers, their team can help you find the perfect pieces for you.  

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