How To Choose Your Dress Watch

When you are attending an event which is the epitome of culture, you want to ensure that your outfit reflects such an occasion. One of the most important items, therefore, is that which is worn on the wrist – a watch can not only be a head-turner, but also tie-together an ensemble piece. There are various factors which must be taken into consideration when purchasing a dress watch, and Bonds Of Brentwood are pleased to inform you of the most prominent ones.

Strap Material

When it comes to watch straps which are suitable for the smarter type of occasion, two materials immediately come to mind – leather, and metal. For anyone that considers themselves to be more of a traditionalist, and wants to stay in-keeping with more classic styles, we would recommend a leather strap. Should you feel more comfortable in the modern world, and want something that is slick and sophisticated, you should take a look at a metal strap. 

Face Design

The world of watches is one consisting of meticulous detail, and refined designs. Prestigious manufacturers such as Rolex, have spent years honing their skills – this has subsequently allowed them to create masterpieces which cater to any and all requirements and preferences. Whether you desire a simple-and-subtle face, or would have a model which displays the intricate inner workings, you can be sure that there is a model for you. 

Wardrobe Style

This is a consideration which can be quite difficult to take into account, primarily due to the variety that exists in present-day wardrobes. People have endless possibilities when it comes to outfit choice, which can make it difficult to make a firm selection on a watch. However, this is a problem which has less of an impact when a Rolex is put into the equation. They are a timepiece which transcend fashion, and can be worn for any occasion.

About Bonds Of Brentwood

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