A Guide To Panerai Watch Models

Whilst they may not be on the radar of the everyday public, Officine Panerai is a name which will resonate volumes within the world of watches. Having been in operation for more than one hundred and fifty years, their designs combine Swiss efficiently, with Italian flair, to create a masterpiece. Panerai official timekeeper selection, there are numerous different models which the team here at Bonds of Brentwood are pleased to be able to guide you through the most prominent units.

The Radiomir

When it comes to a model which is steeped in rich history, you need look no further than the Panerai Radiomir. With its initial prototypes dating from around 1936, destined for the wrists of the First Submarine Group Command, this collection has an illustrious past. Capable of descending to depths of up to 100 metres, coupled with a power reserve lasting 72 hours; this is a watch that will not let you down.

The Luminor

This is a range which can trace its lineage back to the mid-twentieth century. The daredevils within the Italian Navy required a way in which to easily tell the time whilst at sea, a task not made easier by the unpredictable weather. The Luminor’s most notable feature is one which is hinted at within its name – the face’s markers, as well as the hands, are coated with a high-quality luminescent material.

The Luminor Due

For anyone that is seeking a timepiece which can function both as an elite sporting device, and as a key piece of attire when attending an elegant event, the answer is clear – the Luminor Due. Having originated when there was a shake-up within the design team at Panerai, this range can be seen as the start of a new era.

The Submersible

As the name suggests, this is a watch which was initially at home in the naval realm. Water is something that the Submersible traverses with ease, being able to navigate depths of up to 300 metres. If you are someone that feels at home traversing on adventures which will push your body to the limit, you would be foolish to leave without one of these on your person. 

About Bonds of Brentwood

Here at Bonds of Brentwood, we are not simply a facilitator for those who are looking to buy a Panerai watch online. Whilst our stocks consist of various luxury watches, including Tag Heuer and Omega watches, we are also a provider of first-class customer support. We believe that our clients should have the opportunity to be part of an experience which is smooth-and-seamless, devoid of all hassle. In order for this to be a reality, we have put together a team of representatives who, in tireless fashion, seek to provide informative responses to incoming queries. 


If you have made the decision to buy a Panerai Luminor watch, and wish to purchase one, we would love to hear from you. Our phone number is 01277 229061 – give us a call if you’d like to discuss your requirements through with one of our operatives. To converse with any of our other models, such as vintage ladies’ Rolexes, we invite you to send us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can send us a message, coupled with your contact information, via the form located on our website’s contact page.

What Is The Best Rolex Daytona?

Anyone who loves Rolex watches will know that there are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to finding your perfect Rolex Baytona watch. This watch was named the Daytona after the Daytona International Speedway circuit in Florida. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of professional motor racing drivers. It is now, however, also recognised as an iconic fashion accessory thanks to people like Paul Newman, who famously wore his Daytona watch between 1972 and his death in 2008. 

Every little detail that you will find on your Rolex can make such a big difference to the appearance of your new watch and these details shouldn’t be a split decision. After all, if you’re investing in an item you want to make sure that it is perfect. To help you make your decision, we will talk you through some of the best Rolex Daytona watches of all time to help you make your decision. 

Rolex Daytona – 6241

You cant talk about the Rolex Daytona without mentioning this model, it is considered to be the holy grail of watches. This particular watch is known as the John Player Special because of its colouring looking like the livery of a 1972 Formula One car sponsored by cigarette maker John Player & Sons. This model was manufactured in the 1960s and less than 300 examples of this 18-karat yellow gold were ever produced making it incredibly rare. If you are lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to purchase this watch, you really shouldn’t turn it down.

Rolex Daytona – 16520

This is one of the best-known watches ever made and since being released in 1988 it has become a collector favourite. The 16520 is the original steel automatic Daytona. This model has the beautiful clean look that people turn to the Daytona for and will sit perfectly on your wrist. The 16520 is famous for being the last Rolex to use a movement sourced from another manufacturer, making it the first self-winding Daytona. This was also the first model to introduce sapphire crystals, lacquered dials and larger case sizes to the Daytona family and is famous for discolouring on the subdials.

Rolex Daytona – 116500

Every Rolex collector or reputable watch retailer should know about this model. It was introduced back in 2016 and was the first Daytona to feature a Cerachrom bezel, a patented Rolex ceramic material that is resistant to both scratches and ultraviolet rays. You will find this classic model gracing the wrists of many businessmen, it screams style and elegance. If you were to go ahead and purchase this model you know that it is timeless and not only can you wear it but it can also be passed down through generations.

Rolex Daytona – 116520 

If you love the 116500 models but are looking for something more unique and maybe slightly more vintage then we would definitely recommend that you look at this model. At a glance, it’s very nearly the same watch as the 116500 replaced this model when it was introduced. However, this now means that this model is rare and highly sort after. This Rolex Daytona was introduced in 2000 and the demand for this Rolex watch skyrocketed. Although there are more precious versions of this model available, the steel editions are the most popular by far. 

Rolex Daytona – 116505 

We have mentioned a few classic timeless models but if you think you would prefer something more modern, then turn your eye to the Dayton 116505. This model is particularly well-known for its flawless good looks and you can’t deny that this rose gold watch is beautiful. To preserve the beauty of its pink gold watches, Rolex created and patented an exclusive 18-karat pink gold alloy cast in its own foundry. The size and smart design of this watch make it versatile, it works perfectly with casual and formal wear, meaning, you will never have to swap watches again. 

The big decision 

Of course, making a decision like this is very personal and won’t happen overnight, but if you have any questions at all about any of the Rolex Daytona watches that you are interested in you should seek advise from a professional. Here at Bonds of Brentwood, we are experts in preowned Daytona watches and have an impressive collection of vintage Daytonas for you to view along with new Rolex watches as well. For luxury watches don’t look anywhere else, we will help ensure you make the best decision when it comes to your Rolex Daytona. 

Why Are Diamonds Traditionally Used As Engagement Rings?

Getting engaged, and being gifted what will be one of the most precious rings you’ll ever receive, is an unforgettable moment. When you see your engagement ring in its box catching the light, we are sure you will get butterflies. But, why do we expect to see a shining diamond at the focal point of our engagement rings? We have looked into why diamonds are now famously the go-to gemstone for engagement rings. 

What is a diamond?

This incredible luxury gemstone is one of the most popular and sort after on the market, after all, it is a girl’s best friend. Essentially, this beautiful stone is crystallised carbon and is the hardest known mineral. The name diamond derived from the ancient Greek adámas meaning invincible, unbreakable or unalterable. Many people appreciate the symbolic meaning behind the word and these words are now often used to describe an engaged or married couple linking the diamond to these gestures. 

When were diamonds first used in jewellery?

India was originally the only place in the world where diamonds were mined for many many years – dating back to the 4th century BC. When they were first discovered, diamonds were valued because of their strength and for their ability to refract light, engrave metal and also ‘cure’ people, not because of their beauty. The first example of a diamond’s use in jewellery was in the form of a Hungarian queen’s crown in 1074 AD. 

When were diamonds first used in engagement rings? 

Mary of Burgundy was the very lucky lady who first received a diamond engagement ring. Back in 1477 Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage to her and although engagement rings were very common at this time, diamonds were a rarity and were reserved for royalty and the upper class. The Victorians then went on to popularise engagement rings with diamonds and would mix them with other gemstones, precious metals and enamels to make gorgeous engagement rings and show jewellery. 

Unfortunately, the great depression of the 20th century then had a massive impact on diamonds and their value collapsed and they became much less popular for engagement rings and other jewellery. 

Why are diamonds so popular for engagement rings?

Everything changed for diamonds back in the late 1930s when De Beers launched an advertising campaign for diamond engagement rings. The size of this advertising campaign was incredible and it continued for over four decades, capturing the attention of people from all walks of life. The popularity of this stunning gemstone then soared and it was thought that diamonds should be the only choice for engagement rings. 

While lots of people may think of the diamond engagement ring as a time-honoured tradition, De Beers’ brilliant marketing plan really did have a lot to do with the popularity and the traditional giving of a diamond engagement ring.

Sticking to tradition and purchasing a diamond engagement ring 

Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to purchase diamond engagement rings and you will find them in the window of almost every jewellery shop. However, there is also a lot of fake diamonds on the market and it isn’t uncommon for people to be scammed into paying thousands of pounds for something that isn’t real. 

We encourage anyone who is looking for to purchase a high-quality real diamond engagement ring to turn to professionals like ourselves here at Bonds of Brentwood to ensure that the ring they purchase is genuine. We can help you find the perfect engagement ring, eternity ring and wedding ring here at our jewellers in Essex. 

What Is The Difference Between Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings?

People wear rings with meaning for many different reasons and two of the most talked about are the engagement ring and wedding ring. When searching for these rings, they are often categorised together and we are frequently asked what the real difference is between these rings. If this is something you’re curious about please continue to read and we will explain all. 

What is the sentimental difference?

As many people are aware, your engagement and your wedding are two different events that happen in life. Your engagement comes before your wedding and there are two different rings associated with these processes. Traditionally these rings have different meanings and therefore different sentimental values to the wearer. 

An engagement ring is gifted by your partner and then worn after a successful proposal. This particular ring symbolises a pledge of love and traditionally it informs others that this person is no longer ‘available’. The wedding ring is worn by both people in the couple after exchanging vows during the marriage ceremony. This informs people that you are now married and committed to one another. 

What is the physical difference?

Over time, both engagement rings and wedding rings have gained a stereotypical look and they couldn’t be more different in appearance. Traditional engagement rings are much more elaborate than wedding rings. They tend to have a big dominant stone which either stands alone or is surrounded by additional smaller stones. Whereas, a wedding ring is usually a plain metal band or a band with diamonds all around. 

Of course, this difference in design also means that there is a difference in price. Even if a wedding ring has stones, their total carat weight is usually less than an engagement ring making it significantly less expensive. There is a lot of controversy regarding how much you should spend on an engagement ring, however, the cost of a wedding ring is very rarely discussed or commented on.

What is the correct way to wear these rings?

The most traditional way to wear both of these rings is on the third finger on your left hand. This custom originated in Egypt, where people believed the vein in this finger led directly to your heart. On your wedding day, you should move your engagement ring to the same finger on the other hand to make room for your wedding ring. Once you’re married, tradition dictates that you move your engagement ring back to the left hand and it is placed on top of your wedding ring, ensuring that your wedding ring remains closest to your heart. However, some women choose to leave the rings on separate hands or even stop wearing their engagement ring altogether.

Do you really need both rings? 

Due to the number of people that decide to no longer wear their engagement ring once they’re married, the question of whether you really need both rings has arisen. If you want the traditional look then you should wear both, but ultimately, this is a personal preference. 

Many people choose to just have the one ring because of their financial situation, however others opt for this because it is one less ring to worry about losing. If you prefer a simplistic look then a single ring may be a good option, as it is less fussy than a stacked combination. 

Depending on the style of your engagement ring it can also sometimes be tricky to find a wedding ring that matches and lines up perfectly. You can, however, purchase these rings together as a set and then you are guaranteed that they will work perfectly together. 


Ultimately, these two rings are different and if you’re a traditionalist then you will require two extra special rings. With so many different rings available, no matter whether you’re looking for an elaborately designed ring or a   ring, you will be spoilt for choice. 

If you require assistance trying to find the perfect engagement ring or a wedding ring for your big day then please visit our experts at Bonds of Brentwood and we will gladly assist you. We understand the importance of the perfect ring and can provide you with the advice and rings guide you require to find the best rings for you. 

A Guide To The Rolex Datejust

Rolex is probably one of the most famous names when it comes to watches and if you’re looking to purchase a statement investment piece, then you should definitely look at Rolex. Their collection is extensive and each watch has its own look whilst keeping in line with the classic style Rolex is known for. One of the most sort after Rolex watches is the Datejust and we encourage you to keep reading if this is a watch you are interested in. 

What is the Rolex Datejust

This particular watch was introduced in 1945 to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. It was the first automatic watch to indicate the date in a window on the dial. It was the height of technology and sophistication and quickly became incredibly popular, it even graced the wrists of people like Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King. 

The Rolex Datejust got its name due to the fact that on this watch the date changes just before midnight. Nowadays, there are many different models of the Datejust available, it has been restyled, updated and reinvented hundreds of times. 

What makes the Rolex Datejust special

Aside from being specifically designed for an anniversary and being the first automatic watch the Rolex Datejust also ticks all of the boxes required by the wearer. In 1926, Rolex made history by creating the world’s first waterproof wristwatch and was named the ‘Oyster case’. In 1931, Rolex stepped up the watch game again and debuted the first self-winding watch movement with a Perpetual rotor. The Datejust was everything that Rolex could offer at the time, it had all aspects that Rolex was the industry leader for and anyone who was lucky enough to wear this watch would be at the top of the watch game. 

Different sizes 

The easiest way to navigate through the various models of the Rolex Datejust available is to look at the size of the watch face. The Datejust comes in different sizes, the ladies watch face is  26mm, there is a mid-size face at 31mm, the original gents watch was designed at 36mm and the Datejust II is the largest at 41mm. Although the ladies watch face is designed purposefully to be slightly smaller, the majority of Rolex watches are unisex so if you would like a larger watch face then we would advise that you continue to browse other models also. 

Different bracelet types 

Once you have decided on the perfect sized watch face for your wrist you can look at the different bracelet stypes available to you. The bracelet you choose can change the look of your Datejust quite dramatically, it is an important part of your Rolex. 

You can purchase the Datejust with an Oyster, Jubilee and a President bracelet. The Jubilee bracelet was first introduced on the original Rolex Datejust and many people choose to stick with this perfect combination. Of course, all of these bracelets are available in all metal types including solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. The Oyster and Jubilee are also available in two-tone if you would like more than one colour on your watch bracelet. 


The Rolex Datejust continues to be one of the best-selling Rolex watches today and if you invest in any model of this watch you will continue to wear it for many years to come. Treat yourself to a vintage Rolex Datejust or a new Rolex Datejust and know that you are wearing one of the most sort after watches in the world. 

Like the majority of other designer brands, when choosing to purchase a Rolex Datejust you need to be vigilant in regards to fakes. We can assure you that every Rolex watch you will find here at Bonds of Brentwood will be genuine and whether you are looking to buy a new Rolex or a preowned Rolex in the UK then you are in safe hands with us.