Benefits Of Buying A Pre-Owned Rolex

Thinking of purchasing a brand new Rolex? Of course, a brand new Rolex might give you great satisfaction seeing as it’s fresh or might be the latest edition, but there is a much more suitable option that is cheaper – purchasing a pre-owned watch. 

So that you appreciate the advantages, the team at Bonds Of Brentwood have created this quick, but informative guide covering a few of the most crucial benefits of buying a pre-owned Rolex. 

More affordable

The most obvious benefit of buying a used Rolex is the cost. Most watches significantly reduce in value after a few years, especially once new models of the same edition are also released. This means that the older versions, especially pre-owned versions of these watches, will be sold much cheaper to clear stock for the seller. 

Increase range in choice available 

Once you begin the search for a used Rolex, you will soon realise that there is an ever-increasing range of choice available. This is because, as mentioned above, when new models are released, thousands of people are trying to sell their current and old watches, meaning there are endless options available to select from.

This enables you to find and purchase the perfect Rolex that you truly want, after all, everyone has their preferences, where you might like an older model that you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase yet. Tying this in with the affordability factor, it’s more than likely that you can buy the watch of your dreams for much cheaper, whilst also being able to search through several options available to find the most suitable option for you.

Vintage appeal

If you appreciate timely items, then purchasing a pre-owned Rolex might be your best option. Several watch companies just like Rolex now aim to create special edition models of watches that are designed to look more vintage, though there is no way to achieve the vintage look just like purchasing an older, pre-owned Rolex watch to begin with. 

Potential investment opportunity

Watches are one of the select few items that have the opportunity to become more valuable as they age, and Rolex watches are no different, making them a very good investment opportunity. This often requires a wealth more research at first, as you must identify the watches that you know will increase in value over time. At this stage, it’s highly recommended to purchase the pre-owned versions so that you can sell them at a later date for a higher value, ultimately creating an investment opportunity. 

Avoid depreciation

Another point that will sway you away from purchasing a brand new Rolex is the immediate depreciation that occurs with most newly released watches. Regardless of if it’s a new Rolex, Tag Heuer or Omega watch, after a very short period of purchasing it brand new, it will become far less valuable. Fortunately, this won’t happen for pre-owned watches, after all, it’s already been owned and used, meaning it’s unlikely to be affected by depreciation. 

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