A Guide To Panerai Watch Models

Whilst they may not be on the radar of the everyday public, Officine Panerai is a name which will resonate volumes within the world of watches. Having been in operation for more than one hundred and fifty years, their designs combine Swiss efficiently, with Italian flair, to create a masterpiece. Panerai official timekeeper selection, there are numerous different models which the team here at Bonds of Brentwood are pleased to be able to guide you through the most prominent units.

The Radiomir

When it comes to a model which is steeped in rich history, you need look no further than the Panerai Radiomir. With its initial prototypes dating from around 1936, destined for the wrists of the First Submarine Group Command, this collection has an illustrious past. Capable of descending to depths of up to 100 metres, coupled with a power reserve lasting 72 hours; this is a watch that will not let you down.

The Luminor

This is a range which can trace its lineage back to the mid-twentieth century. The daredevils within the Italian Navy required a way in which to easily tell the time whilst at sea, a task not made easier by the unpredictable weather. The Luminor’s most notable feature is one which is hinted at within its name – the face’s markers, as well as the hands, are coated with a high-quality luminescent material.

The Luminor Due

For anyone that is seeking a timepiece which can function both as an elite sporting device, and as a key piece of attire when attending an elegant event, the answer is clear – the Luminor Due. Having originated when there was a shake-up within the design team at Panerai, this range can be seen as the start of a new era.

The Submersible

As the name suggests, this is a watch which was initially at home in the naval realm. Water is something that the Submersible traverses with ease, being able to navigate depths of up to 300 metres. If you are someone that feels at home traversing on adventures which will push your body to the limit, you would be foolish to leave without one of these on your person. 

About Bonds of Brentwood

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