A Guide To Engagement Rings For Men

According to tradition, an engagement ring is to be placed on the left ring finger of a woman as a symbol to others that she will be getting married. However, in this modern age, tradition is changing and these days both women and men purchasing engagement rings to gift to their male partners. Due to this, lots of people are seeking advice in relation to engagement rings for men. 

It isn’t uncommon to spend a fair amount of time obsessing over engagement rings and trying to find the perfect one for your partner but, not even knowing where to start can make things incredibly difficult. If you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to men’s engagement rings keep reading today, below are four things you need to think about before you step foot in a jewellers. 


Unlike wedding rings, which tend to be plain bands, engagement rings usually have a bit more to them and there is no reason why a men’s engagement ring can’t have a specific style. From classic traditional rings to fashion Rolex rings and everything in between, there is something suited to everyone’s personal taste. Think about your partner’s everyday style and how they usually express themselves through clothes then, apply this to the rings you think they’d like.


These days, there are so many choices when it comes to the colour of rings and you aren’t just restricted to classic yellow gold. It isn’t uncommon for modern men to prefer a white gold or even a black engagement ring, depending on their personal taste. Don’t limit yourself when looking at rings, always explore all colour options. Remember to take into account the colour of any other jewellery they wear too, for example, if they wear a watch you will want to make it match this. 


As far as shape is concerned when looking at men’s engagement rings usually, you will be choosing between flat and domed. On one end of the spectrum, you have a high domed ring that looks like a D shape. This is considered a more classic, traditional shape. Whereas on the other end, you have a totally flat ring. This is considered a contemporary, minimal shape and lots of guys are going with this style currently. Both are very comfortable so, it is really just a visual decision. 


When we say size, we aren’t just talking about the actual ring size, whilst this is important as the ring does need to fit, we are more meaning the visible width of the band. The most common ring width for men is 8mm however, it can differ depending on the size of the man’s hands. To narrow things down for yourself, look at rings between 6mm or 10mm and consider your partner when you’re choosing. Men with larger finger sizes tend to prefer wider rings so, use this as a guide. 

Purchasing a men’s engagement ring 

The four things above should help you start to narrow down the thousands of rings that are out there for your partner. Remember, you know them better than anyone else and we can assure you that they will appreciate the time and effort you have put into choosing a ring for them. 

If you would like some more guidance and to view a selection of men’s engagement rings in Essex, Bonds of Brentwood can help. We are a trustworthy jewellers in Essex and our experienced team will gladly go through things with you in more detail. We have a huge range of engagement rings in store and they can show you the different materials, colours, shapes and styles that are available. You can trust that with our help, you can find the perfect ring for your partner. 


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